Graaf Simulations was formed by Laurie and John Van De Graaf in the mid 1980's. We were a Play-By-Mail game company at that time.  John Van De Graaf designed and programmed  two games, Feudal Lords and Continental Rails.  Graaf Simulations also ran El Mythico and Game Plan, Play-By-Mail games which were licensed by other programmers.  PBM games were popular before the Internet and on-line gaming took off.  Graaf Simulations stopped running PBM games in 1998, but our interest in gaming remained.

     John is a life-long gamer.  He treated himself to his first boardgame, Gettysburg, while in ninth grade.  (Then, the problem was to find someone to play with!)  He continued to expand his game collection to include not only war board games, but train games, card games, investment games, role-playing games etc.  When he couldn't find players he recruited people and taught them the games.  Laurie was one of his recruits, first playing "Dice At Sea" (Oops, I mean "War At Sea")    


     Friends and former PBM players occasionally asked ​about Continental Rails, and interest in a railroad game kept cropping up over the years.  John decided to work on a boardgame version of the game.  However,  new game mechanics and the natural evolution of the game through various play-testing stages resulted in a much different and unique board game... NO CABOOSE!

     Wordit was conceived by Laurie Van De Graaf, a former teacher.  It is a card game designed to sharpen word skills and spelling.  Players compete against each other to build words using the letter cards in their hands as well as the word currently on the table.   By being a card game,  Wordit is a very portable game.  Scrabble(TM) enthusiasts should like this game!


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